Making a simple leather card holder is simple! Tutorial with pictures

In previous blog, we have shown you how to make a leather watch straps. Maybe or maybe not that you have done your own so today, we’d like to show you a simpler tutorial of making a leather card holder.

Supplies list:

  • Leather (color of your choice)
  • Pen & Cardboard: To do pattern
  • Utility knife
  • Ruler
  • Hammer
  • Diamond Chisels
  • Contact cement (a.k.a Dog Glue) – For gluing the ends of the leather
  • Polyester thread, needles in various sizes
  • Leather stitching clamp: It’s good to have this tool but if you can’t find it. No problem. Use your knees 😛

Step one: Choose your leather

Choose your own style of leather

No consistent rule on choosing leather but leather for the cardholder shouldn’t be too thin or it will get flimsy. Just pick anything you like and have fun with it. In this tutorial, I choose tanned cowhide for my card holder.

Step two: Make patterns

First thing, you will need to figure out in your head that how big your holder will be. The size could be various, depends on your taste. It could be a hand-palm size or a bit smaller so that it will look cute 😀

Nextly, draw your patterns on a paper (preferably on a cardboard in order to make sure the highest correction when cutting the patterns off).

The size to draw my pattern is 155×110 mm and 02 other smaller pieces: 110×65 mm

how to make leather card holder

Prepare the pattern

Step three: Cutting the leather

Ok! Now you’ve got the patterns, let’s cut the leather according to that.

Trace the patterns you’ve made onto a sheet of leather then cutting your leather as the mark you made. You need to get your blade as sharp as possible, this is extremely important because you will want your cut lines to be smooth and clean at edges.

how to make a leather card holder

Now, you will need a help of the ruler. Use a utility knife alongside a straight ruler, hold the ruler firmly to avoid cutting outside of the lines.

how to make a leather card holder

After all the pieces are cut out, now glue the edges of the three parts together in this position like this:

After all the pieces are cut out, now glue the edges of the three parts together like this

Let the “dog glue” dry a little bit first then glue the pieces together. You might need to use Hammer to punch lightly along the entire edge and make sure that they hold together, or you could just use your fingers to press them down, it’s fine too.

Step four: Punching holes

The leather is way to hard for needles to poke through, therefore you will need to punch some holes before doing it. Take advantage of ruler and pen to mark the lines. The gap between the line and the card holder edge should not be more than 2 milimet.

Now it’s time for the chisels take action.

Step five: Stitching

Bring out the leather stitching clamp to keep your card holder steady. Otherwise, using your knees to hold it is also fine! It looks still cool :))

Tie 2 needles on two sides of the thread and you’re ready to Stitch them til’ the last hole.

how to make a leather card holder

Tips: The length of the thread you gonna use is 3 times longer than length of your first half stretch you gonna stitch.

how to make a leather card holder

Keep doing the same with the other half. You might need to burn the spare thread with lighter at the end.

Voilà! It’s done.

bảo quản túi da, ví da đúng cách khỏi ẩm mốc

Make your own collection of card holders


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