THINGS TO DO in Hoi an during Tet holiday

THINGS TO DO in Hoi an during Tet holiday

The name “Hoi An” means peaceful meeting place – A beautiful city that was recognized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, deserved to be a must-visit on any Vietnam Itinerary.

Tet (also called Lunar New Year) is shortened form of Sino-Vietnamese: Tết Nguyên Đán, which means “Feast of the First Morning of the First Day” that’s why Tet holiday is the most special and important celebration of Vietnamese People. For tourists who plan to stay in Hoi An, Tet is colorful, friendly and fun but a lot of stores will be closed during this Public holiday. But no worries, this actually is a good time to visit Hoi An We are happy to share with you the things that you can do on this holiday. In addition, you can easily get a chance to know more about the local lifestyle of people here.

  1. Admire the lantern lights in every corner of Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town is well-known by its lively colorful light of lanterns. Walking along Hoi An’s streets, you will be filled with feelings of tranquility, peace and happiness by the warm lanterns lights. It becomes more beautiful than ever during the New Year’s Eve. Hundreds of handmade lanterns at various sizes, shapes, and colors are lighted and hung everywhere on the streets, from little private houses to the ancient bridge, or leaved floating on the poetic river on this special occasion.

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

enjoy the lights

The highlights will be the colorful lantern parade, free outdoor musical performances by visiting musicians and local schoolchildren, sparkling flowered candles on Hoai River, spirited lion dances all around Faifo to invite tourists to join the holiday. If you are a solo traveler, this is definitely time to make some friends and share the experience.

At the sacred moment of transferring from the old year to the new year, it’s an exotic sight of lifetime and a memorable experience. Get your camera fully charged because you don’t want miss to capture all the beauty of Faifo

Experience activities: Learn how to make paper lanterns at An Hội Sculpture Garden

  1. Joining Leather craft workshop in Hoi An
things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

Leather handmade workshop is open during Lunar New Year – best thing to do in Hoi An

During the holiday, whole country is on the move going home for the holiday and a lot of places close at this time of year but you should not worry about this as Blue Lotus’ Leather Workshop – one of top fun things to do in Hoi An still is open during Tet holiday. No extra fees added for the holiday season, Blue Lotus still remains the basic rate in order to offer the best experience for the guests. This could be you highlight of your whole trip, we’re happy to guide you to learn how to work with leather, design patterns and make your own leather goods that you can bring home for your family, friends and the loved one as a souvenir of Hoi An trip. All levels, all ages are welcome.

  1. Tasting Banh Chung, Banh Tet – the Vietnamese traditional food for Lunar New Year

“Banh Chung” and “Banh Tet” – are traditional and irreplaceable cake of Vietnamese people in the Tet Holidays and King Hung’s anniversary (10th March Lunar). It’s easy to notice that people from the North will have the Chung cake while the Southern Vietnamese dedicate to their ancestors with Banh Tet.

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year

Banh Tet – the same ingredients with Banh Chung but is made with a different technique.

For the Vietnamese, making “Banh Chung” is the ideal way to express gratitude to their ancestors and homeland. To immerse yourself deeply into legendary Vietnamese tales of Chung and Tet cake, the soul of Northern Vietnamese New Year.

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

Banh Chung – the traditional food in any Vietnamese family during Tet Holiday

At this time of the year, it would be very meaningful if you try tasting this special gift of Lunar New Year. It has the scent of dzong leaves, slightly greasy from pork and nutty flavor of smashed green beans. It’s an explosion of taste!

  1. Do not miss the Boat race on Thu Bon river

You are expecting an exciting, vibrant atmosphere for your trip? Do not miss the traditional boat racing which will be held on the Hoai River in the ancient town of Hoi An, Quang Nam province at 1:30PM on 10th February (on 2nd of lunar January). The boat racing festivals are organized in order to bring a cheerful atmosphere for people in spring. It is not only a competition, but also a ritual in honor of the Water God, stemming from the act of praying for water (common among agriculture-based people).. This annual event attracted more than 5,000 local people and international tourists.

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

Boat racing on Thu Bon river

The boat racers were young people representing the wards of Cua Dai, Minh An, Cam Kim … of Hoi An city. Prepare to get sprinkled as people would throw water onto the boat racers to wish for good lucks.

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

throw water in to boat racers for good luck

Before the festival, everybody in team work in the belief strength and the best wishes which the local people give to each other.

  1. Listening to Bài Chòi singing

Proudly to be country’s 10th UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, Việt Nam’s bài chòi (folk singing) is not only a game of chess but also a diverse art combining music, poetry, acting, painting and literature.

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

some Bai Choi cards

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

traditional card game of Hoi an people during Tet holiday

Even the Bai Choi singing is held weekly but on Lunar New Year, people want to carefully prepare it to be the biggest Bai Choi event of the year. Hoi An people will converge at the yard behind Hoai river bridge to enjoy the melody of this folk art as it’s the traditional spiritual meals for every Tet Holiday

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

This year of Pig 2019, on Feb 19th & 20th, “Bài Chòi” singing contest will be held at An Hội Sculpture Garden, promising the most unforgettable event for everyone that been  here for Tet Holiday.

  1. Cẩm Nam Corn Festival

The festival aims to promote local agricultural products of the Cam Nam craft village that has currently around 65 hectares of corn and 100 growing households. Visitors will have a chance to enjoy traditional rituals and ceremonies praying for a year of favorable weather and a bumper crop seasons, folk sport games, cooking show, art perfromances and others. Over 7,000 sticky corncobs will be freely given to visitors in the festival.

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

Corn festival in Cam Nam

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

Offerings to the Gods

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

praying for another wealthy crop for farmers

  1. Cycling around town, wandering along Flower market:

One of the most featured things to do of Vietnamese people when Tet is coming is to get their home some flowers, plants as a wish for their business in the following year to be flourish, blooming. Understanding this, Uy Ban ND of Hoi An decides to arrange a flower market along some main roads of the city. From 27th Jan – 4th Jeb, the city will be wearing a brand new festive coat for Lunar New Year. Immerse yourself in paths full of many beautiful flowers from the sellers and city’s decoration. Trần Hưng Đạo st., Nguyễn Huệ st., Hoàng Diệu st., Nguyễn Trường Tộ st., Thái Phiên st., Phạm Hồng Thái st. and Trảng Kèo area.

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

The flower market path

It’s not a bad idea at all to ride your bicycle (which mostly free provided from your accommodation) or go on foot around the town is also not a bad idea at all. Enjoy yourself with the warm spring atmosphere and the vibes of slow lifestyle of Hoi An people

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday lunar new year 2019

things to do in hoi an during Tet holiday

You can easily catch many lively scenes in every turns of Hoi An city from the local people getting ready for Tet New Year’s Eve. Very Vietnamese style! Furthermore, I believe any traveler wouldn’t miss a chance to know more about the peaceful place they are visiting, Hoi An.

Hoi An has a reputation for being one of the prettiest cities in all of Vietnam and the Old Town here has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its 800 historic buildings. This small old town would make a perfectly delightful memory for your travel. If you are going to Vietnam, remember to pay a visit to this charming city, especially on Tet.

Enjoy your trip and happy new year!















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