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Blue Lotus Leather Workshop

Making a handmade leather bag

You can learn how to make a leather tote bag with this easy to follow tutorial. This tote bag is perfect for quick overnight trips, school books and grocery shopping. Perfect for on the go.

Making a handmade leather wallet for women

In this video I’m going to take you through my whole process of making a handmade leather wallet for women.

How to make a leather knife sheath

In this tutorial I have tried to clearly lay out for you the basic steps that I use in my shop for designing and making a simple, leather knife sheath, using vegetable tanned leather.

Making a DIY leather knife sheath EVERY STEP

This tutorial shows you step by step how to make a leather knife sheath.

Making a handmade leather biker wallet

Biker style wallets are a great leather project for more advanced skill levels in leather crafting. We made this biker wallet from natural vegetable tanned leather with poly threads, cutting the leather by hand and using a saddle stitch to sew the leather wallet together. Hand sewing a wallet like this is the best way to construct a biker wallet where your leather is too thick for most sewing machines.

Making a handmade leather men wallet

Nothing is manlier than making something is just small within your hand size but useful and necessary for daily life. This tutorial will show you how to make basic design DIY  bi-fold leather man wallet, with a coin pocket on the left and card holder on the right, plus a big partition for putting  cash.

Making fingerless leather gloves by hand

This tutorial teaches you how to easily make fingerless leather gloves. Good for cycling, driving and sports.

Making a handmade leather purse

Make a cute purses and learn techniques for sewing and working with leather.

Making DIY leaather glasses case

This video shows you how to make a handmade leather glasses case step by step.

How to make a hand dyed leather wallet

Dyeing leather isn’t tricky, but it is a little about trial and error. This instructable is exclusively about dyeing plain vegetable tanned leather, but even vegetable tanned leathers can have different reactions to dye, so it’s always a good idea to do a dye test run before going right to the final piece.

Making a simple leather card holder

Making a simple leather card holder is simple!

Making a leather tassel keychain

How to make a leather Tassel key chain


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