Handmade leather wallet with button

Handmade leather wallet with button


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This Handmade leather wallet with button is made of genuine cow leather. The whole process including cutting,punching the hole and stitching is made by hand. Especially, in stitching step, we use the saddle-stitched method and waxed thread. There are six card slots in this wallet. You can keep this wallet in the pocket because it is durable and lightweight. Its outside color is light mint green color, and the same color inside. Over time, the color of this wallet have a stunning natural look with age that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

☛ Product Name: Handmade leather wallet with button.
☛ Product Type: Handmade
☛ Product Material: Waxed Thread and genuine cow Leather
☛ Color: Outside and Inside are light mint green color
☛ Card Slots: 6
☛Dimension: lenghth 4.4 inch x width 3.4 inch
☛ Hand Stitched & Hand Cut: Yes
☛ Slim design allows: Yes.
This wallet can be used to offer as a gift to lovers, dear ones, and friends. You can use this wallet to put the paper cash, cards.
We provide the best customer support services. Our High quality LAZER ENGRAVING machine allows you to Add initials, Unique LETTERS on the wallet. Moreover, we deliver in safe packaging to avoid any damages in shipping processes. You can order it confidently.
You don’t need to look at fashion to be fashionable. You just need to be stylish. And let this wallet help you do it.


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