What to do in Hoi An – Da Nang

To continue the series of things to do in Hoi An guide and answer your question “where to go”, we’re so exciting to share the top 6 attractive destinations when you visit this peacfully beautiful town.

Danang – Hoi An nestle in South Central Coast of Vietnam situated in a tropical monsoon climate. In stead of having Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter like the Northern Vietnam regions do, Danang – Hoi An has only two seasons. Dry season runs approximately March until September. Rainy season falls from around October until February. In terms of temperature and humidity, February to April is usually the most pleasant and this is the best time to visit this beautiful part of Vietnam. Here are top 6 tourist destinations to visit when you are here.

  1. Bà Nà Hill –  Road to scene-paradise entertainment

what to do in hoi an

To get to the peak of Ba Na Hills, you will need to take the cable car

Ba Na Hills is just 20km away from the downtown of Danang City. Owned by Sun World group, this place is a top-notch resort, recreational and amusement complex of Vietnam. It attracts millions of visitors each year.
In the day, Sun World Ba Na Hills are the embodiment of maidenly vitality, enerfies and vibrant swings of non-stop festivals such as the largest “Sun King Banquet” carnival in Vietnam, involving nearly 200 dancers and European and Brazilian artists.
And from the cascading Golden Bridge as if it is drawn from within the mountain, visitors can to hold out to pluck the tawdry cherry sun falling and splattering in amber off the distant city skyline under the fading twilight of the day. The falling sunset on Lord Mountain may even resonate with hardened souls, squeezing out of them unconscious verses and making every single moment capture of a lifetime. As dark descends, castles in the French Village are glistening and well lit.  The chilly night at the height of 1,487m may make distant hearts want to get closer together, it is not a bad idea to warm up the bodies with endless German beer in Lourve Restaurant
Those fairylike experiences will be extremely irresistible for family with little children with Fantasy Park, Wax museum, Alpine Coaster and Spiritual attractions,…
In order not to queue up in longgggg line, you may need to contact their ticket office in Danang city or access into Ba Na Hills website:
Cable car and gate ticket:  700,000VND/adult
                                                550,000vnd/child (from 1-1.3m in height)
(Excluding Wax Museum entrance ticket in Fantasy Park)
  1. From Heaven to Hell in Marble Mountain.

what to do in hoi an

‘Stairway to Heaven’

Marble Mountains means “five elements mountains” is a cluster of five  craggy marble and limestone hills located in Ngũ Hành Sơn District, south of Da Nang. Ngũ Hành Sơn (in Vietnamese) is named after the five elements: Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth). Climbing the stairs to salvation isn’t supposed to be easy, but this is where heaven begins. The Road to Paradise, the final ascent, can be a little strenuous, but the views over the city and the beach are worth the visit
what to do in hoi an

Actually, it is possible to take the elevator to get to the top of mountain so this should not be a thing that you worry about 😀

Beautiful ornate temples are almost everywhere. Stone staircases lead to view points, peaks and hidden caves. There are also reminders of the Vietnam War, including a chamber once used as a Viet Cong field hospital. The most notably, Am Phu (Hell) Cave is the longest and most mysterious at this tourist site. The 302m-long cave is located inside Water Mountain. According to the Buddhist philosophy of causality, those who did good deeds in life would be guaranteed a trip to the cave’s ‘Thien Thai Gioi’ (Paradise) immediately upon their death, whilst anyone committing wrong or evil actions would descend to the 10 circles of hell, and especially to the ‘Nguc A Ty’ (A Ty Jail), which is the cave’s deepest point.
It is an impressive site with much to see and you can spend a whole day there, enjoying the views and discovering little altars hidden in caves. The admission fee to the cave is only 15,000 VND per person, the elevator 15,000VND/way
  1. Visiting Water Coconut Forest on a basket boat:

what to do in hoi an
Cheering,  exhilarating, amazing are the words to say about experiencing the basket boat on Water Coconut Forest in Cam Thanh village. Most of fishermen who are working in the ocean or river really need to use it for their livelihood because of its convenience.
This type of boat needs special skills to paddle, your friendly rower will also be your guide even though they couldn’t speak English thoroughly but she/he can tell you about the historic stories during the Vietnam war and show you where the local people used to hid from the American bombs. The boat ride is about 1 hour long in a loop, and one boat can fit maximum 3 passengers. The trip worth for 300,000VND/boat.
You will see the amazing performances of rowing basket boats by the local rowers that you’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s fun and insane, you can be a part of the performance, IF YOU DARE!
what to do in hoi an

Is anyone wanna feel a little adventurous???

The water is so clear that you could see “lil’ fishies” in the water. At the end,your rower will weave you many cute handmade gifts out of the coconut leaves. For instance, grasshopper toys, flower rings, and a flower crown that you couldn’t notice since when did he/she make that. Prepare to be amazed!
  1. Vinperland Nam Hội An – the largest entertainment complex in Vietnam.

what to do in hoi an

Should not miss this when you are in Hoi An

With only 500,000VND/adult or for the entrance ticket fee, you can enjoy one whole day in Vinpearl land Nam Hoi An, combining thrilling amusement park, fascinating cultural experience & wildlife discovery. This place will surely be a must-visit destination in Da Nang – Hoi An for any traveler on the journey to explore central Vietnam.
Highlight is the River Safari – The very first and only wildlife sanctuary in Vietnam that offers exploration via river way.  River Safari is modeled after the huge Amazon River, a natural habitat for over 39 exotic species. You are able to enjoy the perfect tranquility of nature.
How to get to Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An?
There are multiple ways to get there. Hire a motorbike if you are the wild one that love adventure, the road from Hoi An to Vinperl Land is so beautiful and wide open. You will cross the Cua Dai only huge bridge that connects two parts of the land
Otherwise, Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An offers free shuttle bus to pick up guests from the Old Quarter. There are many bus stop diffusing from Danang to Hoi An
  • Station 1: Vinpearl Hội An Resort & Spa: 8h00, 9h00, 10h00, 13h00, 14h00, 16h00
  • Station 2: Cửa Đại Beach: 8h05, 9h05, 10h05, 13h05, 14h05, 16h05
  • Station 3: An Bàng Beach: 8h10, 9h10, 10h10, 13h10, 14h10, 16h10
  • Station 4: Mai Linh Taxi Park – 139 Ly Thuong Kiet: 8h20, 9h20, 10h20, 13h20, 14h20, 16h20
  • Station 5: Vinpearl Land Nam Hội An: 8h50, 9h50, 10h50, 13h50, 14h50, 16h50
Return Bus from Vinpearl Land Nam Hội An
15h00, 16h00, 17h00, 19h00, 21h00
  • Station 1: Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel Danang: 8h00, 9h00, 10h00, 13h00, 16h00
  • Station 2: Vincom Center Ngô Quyền: 8h05, 9h05, 10h05, 13h05, 16h05
  • Station 3: Vinpearl Luxury Danang Resort & Spa: 8h20, 9h20, 10h20, 13h20, 16h20
  • Station 4: Vinpearl Danang Villas & Spa: 8h30, 9h30, 10h30, 13h30, 16h30
  • Station 5: Vinpearl Land Nam Hội An: 9h10, 10h10, 11h10, 14h10, 17h10
Return bus from Vinpearl Land Nam Hội An
15h30, 16h30, 17h30, 19h30, 21h10
and you could always take a taxi to get to Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An. The price is around 450,000VND/way
  1. Visiting My Son Sanctuary – The holy land

what to do in hoi an
Quang Nam Province is proud to have two World Cultural Heritages recognized by UNESCO. The first is the famous Hoi An Ancient Town and the second is the My Son Sanctuary – the spiritual capital of the former Champa Kingdom. Located in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province, about 69 km from Da Nang city and 40 km from Hoi An city, My Son is a complex of seventy Champa temples and buildings, built in the heart of valley surrounded by monumental mountains with the diameter of 2 km. Between the 4th and 13th centuries, this place was used to worship God Shiva and the rulers of Champa Dynasty. People believe that My Son is one of the main centers of Hindu temples in Southeast Asia and is the only heritage of this genre in Vietnam.
When entering the sanctuary, you will feel like you are traveling back to the 4th century and immersed yourself in the sacred land with the tails of the Champa’s kings and Gods. The most special impression is the architecture of the temple. The Cham tower’s construction techniques are still a mystery to date since people still do not find the appropriate explanation for the attached material, the method of terracotta tiles and building. Even though some temples were damaged during the Vietnam war, these majestic ancient ruins are still fascinating. Interesting places like My Son Sanctuary must be on the top of things to do when you come to Hoi An, right?
When you come here, you will have to buy admission tickets for:
Foreigner: 150,000 VND (including entrance fees and services).
Vietnam: 100.000 VND (including entrance fee and service fee).
OPENING HOURS: Open: 6h00 ‘- Closed: 17h00’
  1. Visiting Thanh Ha ceramic village.

what to do in hoi an
About 3km heading West from the center of Hoi An ancient town, located next to the Fish market, Thanh Ha pottery village can be reached easily by motorbike or bicycle. This place is related to the history, culture and art of traditional ceramic sculpture in Vietnam.  Moreover, the People’s Committee of Hoi An City has have Thanh Ha Bricks Park in Hoi An built in 2011 and officially welcomes visitors in 2015 with a ceramic table-top model. The 500-year-old Thanh Ha village also includes a large pottery park with a unique pottery museum for visitors to visit thousands of pottery products, pottery objects, paintings,… Furthermore, this is the place that you can make your own clay pot and piggy bank 😀 The cost of visiting tickets is 40,000 VND / people. Come and see if you can recognize the similarities and differences between Thanh Ha and Bat Trang pottery village in Hanoi nhé?




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